Web Applications
Run your business from anywhere

If you work in multiple locations you can login from anywhere. On a PC, a laptop, a tablet or even a smartphone.

Generate quotations, respond to enquiries, manage the day to day needs of your business. It’s simple.


Built for your exact needs

There are many applications ‘in the cloud’ that are ‘more or less’ suitable. But they don’t quite do what you need. Or they’re awkward to use.

A bespoke system can be built to do EXACTLY what you need it to do. To make your life much easier, quicker and stress free.

Multiple User Access Levels

You may wish for different members of your team to manage different parts of the system.

Each person can have a different login to give them access to their own sections within the system.

Your System

You Web Application will be built for you to your own specific needs. So, unlike an off-the-shelf platform, it is not overloaded with confusing features that you don’t need.


As you use your system and work with it each day, you will probably want to develop it further, adding even more time saving and useful features.

Our systems are written in such a way that this is not a problem and we will be here for you to expand and develop it even further.


Your application will be easy to use. But with anything of this nature there is a learning curve at the start.

To make sure you are comfortable using the system, you will receive training on what you need to do.


You can contact us at any time in the future if you have questions or need further help.

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In.house.media were there for us from the very outset.

My favorite thing apart from the look and the speed, is our website is much more easy to use and as a result our conversions have been higher.

Andy Wake, Boxercise

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