Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

Pay Per Click marketing is a way to instantly get your website listed on Google under the search terms that you want to be found under. It makes it possible to control precisely how and when your adverts are displayed to drive visitors to your website.

However, it is incredibly competitive, and it is very easy to quickly hand over a lot of cash to Google for very little return if it is not carried out with thought and a carefully planner strategy.

The secret to achieve maximum success is to give the person who is searching on Google exactly what they are looking for, in a way that they want to hear it.  The likelihood of them clicking through to visit your website would be significantly increased.

Google Adwords is a highly sophisticated advertising platform with a massive amount of options, choices and rules to follow.

With our PPC management we help you to make the right choices, so you don’t end up wasting money. We’ll help you to control your budget, refine your visibility and get visitors to your website.

We take the time and effort away from finding the most successful and relevant keywords so you can concentrate running your business and responding to the enquiries.

We will manage and optimise your Adwords, link it to your Google Analytics and create ‘goals’ to measure the success.


Our specialist expertise in Google Adwords will result in increased website visitor conversions, increased customers and a reduction in wasted spend, meaning that you get a return on your investment helping to grow your business.

How does it work?

Keyword Research

After initial research into a campaign for your business we recommend a daily starting budget to get your campaigns started and test results.  

Of course, it will normally take around 7 weeks before you’ll start to see results through this ad campaign and we will continue to improve the campaign as time goes on to reduce the cost per acquisition and raise the amount of daily clicks you get through your adverts.

PPC Strategy

To tailor a PPC campaign that’s right for you, we get to know your business, your industry sector, and what your potential customers are looking for.

After a campaign has been launched, we track the results it to see what is working, and then continue to make adjustments each month to optimise and refine the results.


It is of great importance to ensure you target the most appropriate and cost-effective keywords, so you are not wasting your investment.

We review the phrases that are most popular and effective and remove those that are not effective and then refine and focus your PPC campaign to maintain your budget and with the aim to increase the number of clicks and therefore enquiries you receive.


Setting up your adverts and campaigns, generating target keywords, creating ad groups and writing ad copy are all part of the implementation.


Your campaign is very precisely monitored so we see exactly what is and isn’t working. It can then be optimised and refined.

What's Included

Campaign Set-up

Set up campaign and create adverts

Analytics integration

Add code to your website to track the performance of the adverts

Keyword research and selection

Generate cost effective target keywords

Negative Keyword Selection

Specify keywords you do not want to appear for (e.g. Cheap Taxi)

Advert copywriting and creation

Create engaging adverts to attract your target audience

Improve Quality Score

Work to improve the quality score given by Google for your web pages

Ad scheduling

Schedule your ads to only be shown at the most suitable, highly performing time of day

Monthly report

Report at the end of each month to show results and performance

Geo Targeting

Knowing how far people are prepared to travel to use your business. Spend your money in the right place. Target and exclude specific areas. have done a fantastic job of delivering exactly what we were looking for. We wanted the website to be stylish but place most emphasis on the products themselves and this is exactly what it does. The team at IHM are always helpful and make great suggestions and ideas of what is the best thing to do with the site.

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