Online Direct

Energy is something we all take for granted. But how arrives in our homes and businesses is a complex process.

Online Direct are an energy aggregator, which means they gather all the prices and information surrounding the supply of electricity from over 40   energy providers that available in the UK. This information is then shared to a wide network of energy brokers who offer electricity supplies to

It is all very complicated. But luckily for us, they have the expertise and years of experience to remove the complication and share their knowledge with their network of energy brokers which is continually expanding.

A leader in the Energy Market

The Online Direct website needs to reflect the company’s position as a leader in their market and provide a platform to share knowledge and educate their audience.

To provide a quick understanding about the company we included some key statistics which were animated to catch the attention of visitors.

Credibility and Social Proof

Credibility and social proof is also enhanced through testimonials which are used at relevant points throughout the website.

Company Culture and Values

Video is included on the home page making it very easy for people to quickly understand what Online Direct can provide and begin to introduce the people within the company.

With so much information to share the website navigation was crucial. It was important to keep the navigation as simple as possible and therefore easy to use. So a mega menu was used providing a quick snapshot of what can be found in each section. 

One of the most important areas of the website is the knowledge Hub, which is regularly updated and expanded by different members of the team at Online Direct.

All information is added to the website through a Content Management System meaning they can react to changes in a fast-moving market.


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