Kammac are a 3rd Party Logistics and Warehousing company based in the north west of England with a turnover of nearly £30 million and employing around 350 staff across the UK.

They provide nationwide supply chain services such as supermarket store delivery operations through to complete factory clearance operations.

Sophisticated Design

The design is modern and corporate reflecting the type of company they are and who they work with. The design makes the content easy to read and quickly understand what Kammac can provide and the benefits they offer.

Careers at Kammac

With such a large workforce, recruitment is an important aspect of the business and the website enables them to post new vacancies on the site at any time through a simple CMS.

Social Proof

To provide social proof and reinforce Kammacs credibility we incorporated a wide range of genuine customer comments and stories throughout the website. Visitors are always interested to see real examples so this is a great feature to include which Kammac were easily able to provide.

Team profiles

The about page includes friendly photographs and short profiles of the team of Directors. This is a great way to add personality to the website and begin to establish a relationship with visitors to the site.

Great Photography

To showcase Kammacs fleet and facilities it was very important to have some high-quality photography to use on the website. A professional photographer was commissioned to spend a day on site capturing a full range of images of vehicles, facilities, and members of the team.

This means the website demonstrates exactly what the company consists of and the expert people behind the scenes.


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