Email Marketing
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Not everyone who responds to your marketing is immediately in the market for your products.  Even previous customers might not need you all the time.

Email marketing is the perfect channel to make sure that when they are in need of a service like yours, it is you they think of first.

Personalisation & Targeting

Your average customer is no longer impressed by seeing their name on an email.  There are many demographics you can use for personalisation.  If you are giving a talk in Northampton, would you invite those prospects from abroad?  Perhaps your contact is a previous customer that used a specific service, would you cold sell them something completely irrelevant?  There are more ways to personalise an email than merely saying “Dear James”.

Mobile Responsive Email

Over 55% of emails are opened on a mobile as opposed to desktop. Also, mobile users check their emails three times as often as desktop users. Obviously, it no longer makes sense to send HTML emails that don’t translate well to mobile.  It is very important that emails are constructed to serve all of your recipients, regardless of what device they are using.


Automation saves an immense amount of time.  Send follow up emails, birthday or anniversary wishes, without having to be in the office.  A fully functional email marketing system will make sure that conversations with your prospects continue, whilst you focus on other elements of your marketing.

It’s all about Content

Content, in marketing, is valuable.  On your customer’s inbound journey, you will have created a lot of content to convert your prospects.  Now they are in your system, it is time to convince them to become a customer.  Now, you have the benefit of being able to personalise the content and tailor your prospect’s journey through the funnel.

Email marketing is a useful distribution channel for ferrying content to your contacts.  You can send your blogs, infographics and links directly to the customer. As long as they are relevant, your customer will appreciate the effort you have gone to on their behalf.

Indepth Analysis

It is easy to measure how a recipient reacts to your email.  By analysing their behaviour, you can gauge the success of your email marketing campaign.  By tracking their opens and clicks, you can better build a profile of your prospect. By looking at what device they used to open the email, and where they are based, you can better understand your customers.  These analytics can help you build and improve future campaigns.

Dynamic Content

Go next level with your personalisation by using dynamic content that will adapt to the recipient.  Your customers will no longer be served irrelevant or generic content again. This attention to the individual increases the chances of a customer conversion and will make your prospect feel important.

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