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Digital Marketing

For your website to be a success you need visitors. People who need your service and are interested in what you have to offer. But how do you find these people?

There are many ways that you can attract the right people to your site. Whichever channels you decide you want to use, we can help.

Popular online marketing techniques

Search Engine Optimisation

Appearing in the ‘natural’ search result

Pay Per Click

Paid adverts on the Google search listings

Google My Business

The FREE listing that Google makes available to all businesses

Email Marketing

Keeping in touch on a regular basis through email

Social Media Marketing

Maintaining regular engagement with fans and followers

Content Marketing and Blogs

interesting content that your audience will want to digest

How does it work?

We will sit down with you at the start to work out what you wish to achieve and who you wish to attract.  We can then devise the best way to achieve it.

Once we have a plan put together we will implement it for you and start work to generate the website traffic want.

But it does not end there.

We will continue to work on it for you. Refining and sharpening your digital marketing efforts to squeeze every last drop of value out of your investment.

There will be challenges and changes, refinement will be required but that is why we are here.

We’ll continue to report back with updates on how the different channels are performing so you know exactly what is working best for you.

We first asked In House Media to construct our website in 1998.

A quality website is the best shop window a business can have and we believe our website has helped us to increase our turnover in a very competitive environment.

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Richard James

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