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Logistics is the backbone of everything we do and everything we buy.

Davies and Robson are experts in this subject area and work with some of the biggest consumer brands, including Waitrose, Molson Coors and JD Wetherspoon. They came to in.house.media to help launch and maintain their website.

Davies and Robson

As part of their business development, Davies & Robson wanted to create a whole new website to modernise the businesses online presence, make it mobile friendly, and increase visibility on Google.

The overall goal in creating the new website was to increase their conversion rate and generate more quality enquiries.

This was achieved through demonstrating the expertise and reputation of Davies and Robson through an extensive selection of case studies and customer testimonials.

The new website makes excellent use of modern design, being clear and easy to use whilst ensuring that all the necessary information is at hand. This is a delicate balance which hundreds of business websites don’t manage to achieve, but it’s one which is vital to ensuring your company’s online success.

We began the design by working out a new sitemap to organise the content into a much-improved structure. This would make it easier for visitors to browse and find what they were looking for.

Pages and user flows that were going to satisfy the users the most.

Services pages and client stories were identified as the key parts of the site that would help the user make the decision to get in touch with Davies & Robson.

We advised on what type of content should be included on these pages, in order to engage with visitors and encourage them to make contact.

Real, Relevant Case Studies

On each of the services pages, case studies of relevant real-life examples were included, to prove that Davies & Robson can do what they say they can do. This is also editable via a content management system so Davies & Robson can continue to add and refresh the case studies on the website.

Prominent Call to Action

Each page of the site makes it very easy for visitors to make an enquiry. After looking at the services and case studies there is a simple form on each page which encourages visitors to make an enquiry.

Summing up

The end result was a massive increase in the position of the website on Google and a significant increase in the number of enquiries and interest generated from the website.

In.house.media have interpreted our brief for our website to perfection. They have worked incredibly hard throughout the entire process and have been extremely patient from start to finish.

We are absolutely thrilled with the final outcome and the improvement of what we get through the website is fantastic.

Rachel Miley, Davies & Robson

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