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Cynthia Spencer needed more effective ways to receive donations and make it easier for supporters to sign up to events

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Old website, old problems

Their site was missing a simple way to help raise money by encouraging donations online and taking bookings for events. It also wouldn’t allow the hospice team to update the content themselves.

The problem related to an old, out-of-date platform on which the website was built and the fact that it wasn’t mobile friendly at all. With over 50% of web visitors now using their smartphones, it was therefore no wonder visit and engagement statistics were so low.

Fundraising challenges

Without any form of online donation portal and a non-existent mobile presence, Cynthia Spencer’s fundraising efforts were significantly hampered.

The existing website offered little information about how to donate, and with new events taking place all the time, it was vital that visitors and supporters could easily find out how to get involved – and that could only happen if the hospice team had the ability to edit and add content.

The solution

The new website was designed to be far more visually appealing, with lots of fabulous, original photography and detailed information (including video) about the work and services the hospice provides. Clear calls-to-action for fundraising and donations were also implemented so visitors were left in no doubt where to head.

The new website is also fully mobile friendly, and a comprehensive administration area enables the Cynthia Spencer team to edit existing content and add events, blogs and news articles whenever they need to.

We believe that together, we’ve developed something that is totally visitor-friendly, easy to navigate and which, perhaps most importantly, includes up-to-date information on all aspects of the Hospice. We love the fact people are now encouraged to donate online, too!

John Helm, Fundraising Manager
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