Crossrail International

We are very proud to have developed the website for Crossrail International, a specialist advisory practice, which was launched in 2017 during Crossrail’s delivery of the Elizabeth Line, the most significant addition to London’s transport network in a generation.

The Requirements

A very exciting project, the website had to fulfil a number of specific requirements. One of the main challenges was maintaining a balance between content describing Crossrail and the Elizabeth line, a massive part of the fabric of the organisation’s fundamentals, and the scope of services offered globally by Crossrail International.

The website needed to be visually appealing, exciting and interesting whilst retaining a corporate ‘look and feel’ as Crossrail International is a UK Government ‘Arm’s Length Body’ wholly owned by the Department for Transport (DfT).

The design is congruent with what would be expected of a government online presence - informative, clear, and easy to use.


Being a government website, accessibility is crucial and careful attention is made to the design and coding of the website to ensure that users with disabilities can equally use the website with ease and satisfaction.

The accessible design of the website included testing revisions to meet W3C Web Accessibility Standards.

Projects Showcase

The organisation is growing and continuously evolving, and the website does the same with the continual evolution of the projects showcase.

Insights are provided to a range of prominent projects, with quality imagery of the project, explanations of how Crossrail International assisted with the project development, the people involved, and a summary of the core services provided.

We help to regularly update the projects showcase to ensure it remains up-to-date and represents the latest fast pace of the organisation.

Video to add excitement

To provide great impact and bring the website to life, video is embedded of Crossrail and other projects from around the world.  This fast moving video clips give an immediate insight into what Crossrail International is all about and encourages visitors to browse the website further.

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Mark Lench