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Web visitors expect to be able to find the very latest information on your website. With a Content Management System you have the freedom to update and expand your website whenever you want to and we are always on hand to help if needed.

Google also likes to see that your website is regularly updated and gives less preference to sites that are not updated.

Built for your exact needs

If you have experience or prefer a platform such as WordPress, we can develop your website with that.

Many website owners find that they only need to make regular updates to certain sections of their website such as news. No problem. We can give you access to update those specific parts of the site.

User Access Levels

You may wish for different members of your team to update different parts of the website.

Each person can have a different login to give them access to their own pages or area of the site.


A modern Content Management System is fairly straightforward to use, but if you are unsure or would like help, we can provide training on what you need to do.

You can contact us at any time in the future if you have questions or need further help.

CMS features

Easy to use

Training and Support

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Add Pictures

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Multi User

User Access Control

We believe that together, we’ve developed something that is totally visitor-friendly, easy to navigate and which, perhaps most importantly, includes up-to-date information on all aspects of the Hospice. We love the fact people are now encouraged to donate online, too!

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