Boxercise is the world’s best-known Boxing Fitness brand.

Most classes are aimed at men and women of all ages and do not involve physically hitting anybody. It’s all about fitness and challenging workouts.

Boxercise is great for cardio fitness, body strength, coordination and even reducing stress and anxiety.

The Challenge

Boxercise did have a website, but it was very old and therefore had to be rebuilt from scratch. As with all websites these days, it needed to be very mobile friendly and incorporate the vast array of new technologies that would demonstrate the ethos of the brand.

The nature of the Boxercise target users was overwhelmingly people on a smartphone or mobile device and crucially the website has 2 main audiences to appeal to:

  • Instructors wanting to become trainers
  • People looking for a class to attend

So, it is very important for visitors to the website to very quickly navigate the site and find the information that is relevant to them.

Behind the front-end website, Boxercise need to collect and manage details of registered instructors, courses and classes. So all this had to be mapped out and planned, to provide the team with a logical easy-to-use system to run the digital side of the business.

Our Approach

We worked closely with the Boxercise team to understand the journey that potential visitors would need to take to achieve their goals.

People new to Boxercise can learn what it is, what is involved and what they can gain from it. They can then find a class and trainer local to them.

Fitness professionals who would like to train other people can learn all about how to become a certified Boxercise instructor and commence their training.

By understanding this, we could steer online visitors to the right area of the website and help them take the desired action.

The aim was to bring the online image of the brand up-to-date and in-line with other big well known exercise brands.


Embedding video into the website immediately creates an impact and makes the website exciting to look at. The aim was to immerse the visitor into the whole experience and ethos of the brand.

Images have been selected to demonstrate and appeal to the wide target audience. Colours all reinforce the brand and the Boxercise identity.

Advanced technical development

In order to manage the front end of the website as well as the directory of instructors, course details and all other information on the website, a sophisticated Content Management System was developed.

Technically the CMS and the website were developed with speed and security and ease-of-use at the forefront of requirements.

Details of all current Boxercise trainers can be managed on the website as well as dates and locations of all instructors training programmes.

The website also includes an online shop for buying branded Boxercise equipment, clothing and accessories. were there for us from the very outset.

My favorite thing apart from the look and the speed, is our website is much more easy to use and as a result our conversions have been higher.

Andy Wake, Boxercise

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