Website Essentials for Success for 2019

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We’re always well-attuned to it being January at, because it’s a time for reflection and looking forward to what we expect to be the key trends in website design and development for the next twelve months.

This year is no different, so without further ado, here’s what we believe to be the most important factors to take into account if you’re having a new website designed or your existing site refurbished.


Mobile-readiness (there’s no excuse now)

Mobile internet browsing overtook the desktop equivalent long ago, but reports now suggest that there were 3.7 billion global mobile internet users at the start of January 2018.

Whichever way you swing it, that’s a colossal number, yet there are still a frightening number of business websites out there that perform abysmally on mobile devices.

If you have neglected this topic thus far, 2019 has to be the year where you finally invest some money in your website and ensure it’s fully mobile-ready. And that means a responsive design that automatically resizes itself to best fit any-sized screen.

You won’t spend a more important penny this year, we promise.


Super speed

A speedy website is certainly pleasing from a user’s perspective, but there’s two reasons the speed of your website will be ultra-important this year:

  • You have just three seconds (or less) to interact with potential customers online.
  • Google now rewards the speediness of your site in search rankings.

Ok, granted, number 1 has long been the case, but with the internet now simply an intrinsic part of everyday life, slow websites stick out like a sore thumb, and if yours limps along, those potential customers will head elsewhere – quickly.

As for Google, their Speed Update went live last summer, and they’re now prioritising rankings for websites that load fast for the very reason explained in the last paragraph.


Flat design

How do you make sure a website loads quickly and appears nicely no matter the size of the screen? You rely on plenty of white space and a flat design – that’s how!

Much like the modern interpretation of smartphone operating systems, today’s websites now feature buttons, text and images that are clean, minimalist and complete with crisp edges. There’s no bevelling, embossing or fancy shimmering effects to speak of, just contrasting bright colours and sans-serif fonts.

It’s modern, pleasing on the eye and absolutely the best way to show off your brand online. If your website is starting to look like an old version of the iPhone operating system, it’s time to find a modern designer.


More video content

There’s one form of web content that is ‘stickier’ then the rest (and by that we’re not suggesting it oozes out of your screen onto your keyboard).

Video remains a brilliant way to engage people who land on your website, but it has long been viewed as too expensive and time-consuming to produce.

Until now!

Video content can be created on a shoestring thanks to smartphones with 4K recording capabilities and the rise of YouTube stars who don’t have a truck full of gear and crew to make their videos. This doesn’t mean yours can be shoddy – they still need polish and a great deal of planning to be effective – but it does mean there’s virtually no excuse not to invest some of your budget and time in video this year.


Wrapping up

We’re excited about web design in 2019. Are you ready to make a mark digitally this year?

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